While so much attention in the media has focused on the provision of ventilators, in fact they are not the only breathing support devices that are required to support patients who are suffering from the effects of COVID -19.

Increasingly, continuous Positive Airway Pressure (cPAP) medical devices are being used to help sufferers breathe.


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (cPAP) medical devices

cPAP devices provide vital respiratory support by applying mild and continuous positive air (and oxygen) pressure to keep the airways open in patients who are able to breathe spontaneously; thereby helping them breathe and take up oxygen more easily.

Crucially, cPAP is an alternative to mechanical ventilation in the majority of patients, thereby reducing demand for intensive care beds and allowing ventilators to be reserved for the most critically ill patients.

Vision Engineering answered a call to manufacture and deliver essential components for a project to deliver 2000 new oxygen flow monitors in just 8 days – the design of the unit had taken only 5 days!

Contract Manufacturing Services

Our state-of-the-art machine shop capability and flexibility enabled us to support this urgent requirement immediately, meeting the customer’s requirement within the tightest timescale.

Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services provide extensive and modern milling, turning and grinding capabilities (both CNC and manual) and multiple additive manufacturing systems, in both our UK and USA facilities, connected by dedicated air/sea logistics.

Our multi-purpose Paint Shop facility is capable of refinishing a wide variety of materials including Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals along with a variety of plastics, paint processes including wet spray systems and powder-coating of any desired coating and colour.  Our contract manufacturing and assembly services provide access to leading-edge technologies and facilities, including dust-free clean rooms, temperature controlled calibration and state-of-the-art quality control facilities – everything is traceable.

A substantial tool room staffed with skilled toolmakers provides prototyping and short run/small batch parts and an experienced team evaluate all enquiries thoroughly and promptly, with accurate quoting facilitated with our CAD/CAM and E/MRP packages.

For sub-contract machining/assembly requirements, ergonomic optical/digital inspection systems, and high accuracy measuring equipment, contact Vision Engineering on (01483) 248300 or email chris.milborrow@visioneng.co.uk