International Marketing Services & Worldwide Distributor Search

Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services offers a full range of international marketing activities, with marketing teams based in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan. Activities range from advertising and PR to the production of technical multi language brochure and user guides.

Specialised activities open to Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services customers include:

  • Website design and generation
  • Online marketing
  • Worldwide telemarketing activities
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Distributor search

Capabilities – International Marketing Services

In-house full service international marketing department, able to plan, design and implement detailed campaigns across multiple marketing channels, in multiple languages.

  • Creative design – using industry-standard graphics software for the creation of:
    • brochures and flyers
    • posters and other large format graphics
    • graphics for email marketing and websites
    • print and online advertising
    • logo design
  • Website design – English and multilingual websites, with multilingual search engine optimisation (SEO), accessibility conformance and promotion capabilities.
  • Email marketing – sophisticated email marketing campaigns, with detailed reporting capabilities.
  • CRM / databases – set-up and management of customer relationship marketing databases.
  • Tradeshows / Exhibitions – detailed knowledge of international tradeshows attendance.
  • Telemarketing – in-house international capabilities.
  • Photography and video – creation of imagery and video via external agencies.
  • Additional links with external marketing agencies and service suppliers give the greatest level of creative exposure, ensuring the most cost-effective and productive marketing campaigns are put into action.
  • Distributor search – assistance with distributor profiling and distributor search is available, covering a number of vertical sectors and utilising overseas consulates and government sponsored services.
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Turning your ideas into reality

Good product idea, but need help with:

  • Concepts
  • Prototyping
  • Competitive manufacturing
  • Certification
  • Aggressive global purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Sales channel development
  • Distributor recruitment

Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services has helped many
customers develop and exploit the potential of their ideas.